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Scott Jacobs said…
Hi Colin,

I just found your blog site and I really like it. I particularly like the article on taekwondo's history with karate, it was very informative.

I manage a martial arts directory website, and I've added your site to it: I also own a martial arts supply store,, and I was wondering if you could add it to your links page. Please let me know! I look forward to keeping up with your posts.

Scott Jacobs
Colin Wee said…
Thanks for stopping by, Scott. Happy to include your link, and thanks for the exchange. Good luck with your business. Cheers, Colin
Anonymous said…
Hi Colin

I would like to exchange links but do so in a guest post.

Sensei Soon Pretoruis (7th dan Shotokan) can do a post for you site.

Will you be willing to do one for ours?

Saleh Bitar said…
Before I turned back to Eing Chun Kung Fu, I was hanging on staying on Taekwondo training or if there is some thing better, I was practicing Taekwondo for years, befor I moved to Wing Chun Kung Fu. bit I should admit that I was even thinking of studying it in the university, I was so fond of it, till now. but because of one reason I moved to WC kung Fu, which was the power of the kicks which made me later almost not able to continue my life as it schould be, because, although I was and I am now around 60 Kilograms, when I kick, I kick with enorm power and strength. Later I was not able to continue as i use to do. But I stay sincere to this sport for ever. i would like from time to time to share in some of your discussions and questions. Any Ihave recently opened a school for Wing Chun Kung fu Training here in Switzerland, it is very interesting if you visite it and read and watch the videos as well the articles about Wing chun Kung Fu, bruce Lee and IP Man, the trainer of Bruce Lee,I wish every one the best and good luck for you and every body in your team.

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