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We take Traditional Taekwondo and we deconstruct it. We apply it. We train it. And we share it.

Do you have a newsworthy practice or event that reflects what we do?
Do you have a video that resembles some of what we've shared on our YouTube channel?
Do you want to write an article reflecting on some of the issues we've highlighted on this blog?
Do you have an event that reflects the best of traditional martial arts ...

We can help you craft your article, if you like. Contact us by responding below. Don't forget to let us know how to communicate with you.

If however you are a marketing company that's unrelated to martial arts. If you are a McDojo, or worse - a certificate mill. If you want a travel visa. If you want to slip an unrelated article into the blog with non-martial art links - FORGET IT. And if you persist, I might get really annoyed and I might complain to my very extensive network of international instructors. 

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