Neville Creevy Sr's Class, Blackwater, QLD circa 1975

JDK affiliate in Queensland is Blackwater Taekwon-Do located in Blackwater, Queensland.

Blackwater Taekwon-Do was founded in 1977 by Philip Sticklin and Neville Creevey Snr. It has its roots in Rhee and Cheah Taekwon-Do, and was a long time affiliate of the Korean Australian Taekwon-Do Organisation under Russell Fallon and Ron Elgey.

                                                      First Blackwater Grading 1974
Blackwater Black Belts with Russell Fallon 1995

Neville Creevey's goal in starting Blackwater Taekwon-Do was to run it as a traditional school but allow progression of the art by working on practical applications of the patterns. This lead to a focus on hand work, trapping, joint locking and pressure point applications. The goal was to always keep Taekwon-Do effective as an art form.

Since the untimely passing of both Russell and Ron, Blackwater has continued its pursuit of Taekwon-Do applications for real world scenarios and self defence, and is guided in this by Master Colin Wee founder of Joong Do Kwan Taekwon-Do.

Master Colin Wee is a 6th dan practitioner and continues a lineage that traces itself to GM Keith Yates' Nam Seo Kwan, and in turn to the late GM Jhoon Rhee and his Chung Do Kwan heritage.

Joong Do Kwan Queensland Principal is Nate Creevey, and can be contacted through FaceBook.

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Qld Training Fees (Class)$5$5
Grading (Quarterly when scheduled)$25$25
Online Distance Learning (Optional - Per Hr)$25$25
JDK Affliation Fees (Year)$40$40

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