Our Promise

Free Intro Classes
Not sure if martial arts is right for you? Need to understand what JDK offers? Take your first few classes for free. If you need 2 weeks, 1 month, or more - come with our blessing. It's a no obligation period. You can stop at any time.

No Contracts
JDK will never use contracts to bind you to our member base. 

No Rank for Money
We will never exchange rank certification for money. If you expect to get ranked in this manner, JDK is not the place for you. If you ask for rank certification, JDK will actively block you. 

We are a Black Belt School
If you earn your black belt, you earn your black belt. There is no fast tracking. No extra courses. No extra fees. No guarantee. No free lunches. It is all up to you. 

Expect to Fail
Failure is part of the learning journey. If you have a problem with that, JDK is not the school for you. 

Lifelong Support
Train with us either as a regular student or a participant in our seminars, and we will try our best to support you throughout your martial arts training. We can do this either by establishing an on-going dialog online or through shared resources on YouTube or similar. 


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