I'm so bored watching Myself

So if you all haven't already noticed, I've been going through my old YouTube videos in recent posts. It's great to be able to re-use content whilst the school is closed, but more so - I like it that I can annotate the visual content with additional information that sometimes is just lacking.

Today, I happened on this video I shared a year and a half ago. It's titled Helping Beginners Learn the Forebalance. And it's got everything I hate about useless martial art videos. You have this instructor (that's me btw) talking about how to do technique without ever explaining the why behind what he says. Or the value of what he's really doing. Or why the pink-belter - what is up with that anyway - why is he learning this over 'happy slapping'.

And if you ask me, I really can't see why anyone would be plodding through this super long stance reminiscent of hard style bull**** and totally divorced from the more 'tactical' stuff you'd see in the UFC.

Again this is the issue - the video doesn't show the context of this technique. That I still have it on YouTube at all is a testimony of my unsurprising inability to market this channel, and the tolerance of the video's 35 viewers who didn't give it a thumbs down.

But here's the rub ... I use this stance and linear motion over and over again in sparring. Yes, in actual sparring, with an actual non-compliant opponent. No, not only with our SuperLight randori. Yes ... to actually drive myself forward and gap close. That is to cross the distance and use close quarter striking tools. Yes, most people would think I'd prefer to stay back and use longer reaching flippity flippity kicks. Oh, he can do both. :-)

On a scale of 1 to 10, this is one of the harder techniques to figure out. It requires precision timing, and combative nous. Done right, the opponent will be hard pressed to tell what's coming his way, and will be left wondering how he got hit from that distance. Literally, it took me 6 months to figure out how to do this even after it was used on me.

So yeah, I didn't get that across on the video. I succeeded in boring the stuffing out of my viewers, and didn't deliver any sizzle. Well, hey, don't blame me ... I am after all a *traditional* instructor! LOL.

Thank you for visiting us on our blog.

Here's to a great 2019. This is my 36th year as a martial artist, and I am so excited to share JDK's insights with everyone interested in what we get up to. In the next few days, I travel to meet two Taekwondo friends of mine - Ørjan Nilsen who's the author of Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings, and Founder of the FB group The Study of Taekwondo, and then there's Roy Rolstadt, a very adept instructor who looks so suspiciously like JDK but is a very well trained member of and a credit to NTN. 

Looking forward to meeting more practitioners around the world. 


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