Taekwondo v Judo: Stop Someone from Throwing You

The above shows a video setting up a shoulder throw, and in the second part, the defence against the throw by manipulating hip placement and therefore changing the proximity between attacker and 'defender'.

I was never formally trained in this skill.

Yep, I never received training from my first martial art nor taekwondo on how to stop a throw from being executed. I was taught how to effect the throw, and how to breakfall. The throw we learned possibly wasn't covered in such detail - no wonder we always seem to resort to muscling through it. But we didn't ever think it was an option to disrupt the throw except for maybe trying to pull away with the body or pushing forward with the arms.

Let that admission sink in while you look at what is otherwise a fairly detailed video on how the throw and the defence works, and how simple both are. It really is fairly simple.

Amongst various ideas JDK presents - one key aspect of our training is this ... if we teach a technique, we should at minimum include at least one defence to that technique. JDK's approach typically extrapolates from this to then include various tactics that work 'either side.' These mitigate or disrupt the attacker, and then plug back into standard tactical responses. In this instance, when we introduce the hip throw at Dosan, we should eventually teach the defence to those throws; and we eventually see this as we look at the first initial open palm tension press from Yulgok.

To be clear, the tension press is an excellent rank appropriate time for such a tactic to occur in our syllabus. But also to be clear, once a person learns this skill, it really ceases to be Yulgok's tension press anymore. You can shove the opponent's hip using your hand, your own hip, a knee, or forearm. It is more than one technique.

I guess at one point you might ask - who taught you this and how can you identify this as Taekwondo? Well, if you want to know, a couple of very clever and highly trained Bujinkan associates of mine were keen for me to understand the structural balance of a body. These friends performed and showed us several very funky takedowns over many years - both unarmed and with weapons. They never did say, hey, do this with only this technique or only our sequence. It was never about limiting it to any one thing. So as I assimilate the concept to manipulate the skeletal structure, this was like a 'gift' from one system to another; no strings attached.

When that happened, I then make sense of it within the framework of Taekwondo. This means I plug it back into the traditional forms structure, then include it as part of our skillset to be taught and to be drilled, and then cook up some clickbait title for a blog post. If you really want to know, ours is like a 'painting by numbers' approach - and is totally different to how it was initially shared with me.

My hope is you appreciate my candor to see the essence of hardstyle training. That indeed we can learn skills that help round our own skillset, and help grow our art. When you can see it this way and if you agree that it doesn't rob us of what makes us who we are, send me a message to say hi.



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