Yulgok was Never Meant to be Applied onto a Heavy Bag

What is that music? And yeah, I see a front kick. But what does that have to do with Yulgok?

You can practice a front kick all day on a heavy bag and be very happy with yourself. In fact, you  could juice up that heavy bag with any strike. It's relaxing not to think. But your problem is your opponent is a thinking individual. He's not going to be coming at you 'just like this' or 'weighted on his back leg, throwing a beautiful side kick'.

He's going to swear. He's going to attack. He's going to counter. And he cares less about the forms you've learned.

So when I visit Yulgok- where early on we spin to the right, perform a middle block, then throw a back leg front kick - this is not just a kick to land on a heavy bag. I see it as an opportunity for my students to gear up against a thinking opponent.

In this video, I perform a cross handed grab onto the opponent's lead arm. He will want to either counter my control and mount some attack, or pull back. Here he pulls back, yanking his arm out of my grip. This prompts me to follow his pulling motion back in, trap the lead arm and slam a forearm strike to his neck.

Whilst unloading into this head-high target, I grab onto something. In the video I grab onto the lapel, but it could be the hair or the neck. I pull him towards me. Or I can tip him forwards to bend over. Then I deliver the back leg front kick ala Yulgok.

Which I know is a sequence that doesn't look at all like the form ...

... but the form was never meant to be applied onto a bag ...

... just like how Beijing Opera Music was never meant to be enjoyed by the masses.


Keep training.

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