How Traditional Taekwondo grows yet stays the same

The Traditional Taekwondo instructor - very
much keeping it alive ... and real.
A traditional art is a collection of wishes from long dead masters.

The Traditional Taekwondo system - any system - however inspiring or epic in proportion and tale does not describe the totality of their ability. Nor of the totality of their methodology. To gain proficiency in fighting arts, practitioners need to follow their form, vary their form, and then depart from their form to realise its lessons.

  • Follow the form by endowing it with fundamental combative skill.
  • Vary the form by drilling it mnemonically.
  • Depart from the form by addressing our opponents' abilities.

This is how Traditional Taekwondo grows ... how it changes, yet stays the same.

As a Traditional Taekwondo instructor, I feel the weight of our legacy. But this weight doesn't hold me down. It anchors me, and my role is to set my students free by allowing them to play with the system, challenge the system, and choose the best of what they like from it.

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