Talking About One Technique

Sensei Johannes Regell, Kissaki-Kai, Sweden

I don't know Johannes.

I just happened on some of his videos on FaceBook group Passai/Patsai/Bassai Dai-Sho. What I like about this sensei and what he has produced - is the passion he exudes, and the quality of the video content. There are stylistic differences in what we both practice, but there are overlapping training areas as I do practice Bassai, which is a Traditional Taekwondo variant of the Okinawan Passai that Johannes practices.

In this video above, I like to draw your attention to his lesson - and the fact he is working just one technique from the opening sequence of Passai. From experience in video-ing my lessons, I know for a fact that however much you show on a video, there are lengths of video that you cut out or omit from the final article. Meaning that from this one technique, Johannes has produced a quality lesson where he talks about pragmatic concepts and combative tools for 8 minutes - and probably in real time spent at least double if not triple that amount of time with his audience.

Given the opportunity, and if he had more time, I'm sure he could extend this lesson incorporating different scenarios, and I reckon he could easily craft a session of a full 1.5 hour class (at least) devoted to this one technique alone.

This is the point I've been making in some of my articles and videos - that the kata or hyung is not there to limit your worldview of what a technique is. There are fundamental skills you need to know, and the kata or hyung is there to inspire you to develop those skills. If you take that idea a step further, Johannes should be able to escape a simple wrist grab for instance, cork the guy in the thigh, and then do his takedown. Or he should be able to deal with a downward strike and follow through using his sequence. Or he should be able to escape a push onto a wall and then take the guy down. All using fairly standard and reusable skills from this and other kata he has.

The instructor and the training is there to help you develop pragmatic skills - not just to emulate the technique sequence. Certainly not there to just teach you how to step through one kata.

Notice too - the brilliant inclusion of the need to 'deescalate' the situation, the need to ensure safety of the person held in the head lock, and the respectful nature of how he's transacting with his uke. This is not only a skilled practitioner but an experienced instructor who is attempting to teach values, self defence principles, and inject some commonsense to his training environment.

This one technique alone could save your life and be part of an excellent self defence toolkit - yet on the date I wrote this, his YouTube video only received 1000 over views. A simple search for the media circus that is the Connor McGregor v Mayweather Promo shows popularity way excess of 100,000 views. Where's the sense in that? I don't know about you, but there's more to life than seeing two overpaid characters mouth off at each other.

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