External Qi Transmission

(Almost) always switched on.
Qi - the life force which is fundamental to Traditional Chinese Medicine, studied for over two thousand years, which is described by the Yin and Yang symbol, and which is most apparent in the early morning octogenarian activities - is not an area of study in Taekwondo.

I don't do Kyusho jitsu so I fortunately am not part of the crowd faking people about 'no touch' knockouts. And no, I don't have 'Real Stories of External Qi Transmission' to share.

I do however believe in qi - and I also believe that there is more to it than those interminably slow self-healing exercises, or at the sharp end of acupuncture needles.

What is martial arts? Aside from 'lots of pushups' or 'blocking and striking', it is the struggle for survival. It is the fight between you and your opponent. Sometimes your opponent is apparent, standing there in front of you. Sometimes the opponent is more than one person. Sometimes the opponent is in your mind.

The struggle while being real or physical is also conceptual. It is a war of attrition. And your advantage rests on how much you are spiritually vested into it.

When I am locked in struggle with an opponent, I am not only responding to visual stimuli. I also read feedback from physical contact points. But it goes beyond that - I sense three dimensional space. Is this just a trained ability to process all the moves he is telegraphing? Is it just combining the senses and one's intuition in a more efficient manner? Or is it that I am reading his spiritual intention? His 'external qi transmission'? However you may explain it, this helps me with decision making during encounters and helps me choose better tactical counters.

Outside of the dojang, I would like to believe that I am well-adjusted socially, I have good humour, am quite friendly and approachable, and I know how to enjoy myself. Yet, there are many instances in recent years when people would use words like intimidating, scary, and competitive to describe me. This is highly incongruent to how I understand my own behaviour to be. But only incongruous to what I do and how I behave. If people are responding to the 'spiritual vestment' from training, the 'external qi transmission,' that might explain their reaction - for I can't switch it off.

If you are looking towards improving your life through this training, I am able to guide you towards individuals who have a more rarefied understanding of this phenomena. Do not let preconceptions or personal bias stop you from exploring these areas. They may not correspond to scientific method but they are definitely part of the phenomenological world.

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