Learning Martial Arts from YouTube amounts to Sweet FA [NSFW]

There is a s*** load of application videos on YouTube.

It's NSFW but I use that expression because most of those applications don't amount to jack s***. Some of applications are okay. And a few of them are actually good.

But even for those 'good' applications ... if you're not incorporating them into training, they are not going to do you any good. At all. Ever. Period.

In fact, if you're not training them right, you might as well stick with that ol' jab cross combination, that front teep, and the roundhouse to the thigh. Seriously - there is greater benefit for you having a ready response than a questionable response. And for one example - I'm thinking of those hard style instructors trying to fumble their way through a wrist lock against one of their students holding a knife.

Good training prepares a practitioner for an end goal. It incorporates fundamental skills, good drills that allow you to adapt, and mental training. It allows the practitioner to access a range of skills that work well together. So just taking some random application video from YouTube (or wherever) creates a small amount of utility. Yes, I'm not saying it's all bad.

On the other side of this argument, if you're training your student and your application training doesn't gel with the rest of the skills you're training - you're screwed. Perhaps you don't understand me, so I'll put it in a different way ...


Yep, I've intentionally left out the apostrophe - because most people who have no idea of how to use a simple apostrophe will have little clue that they're signing a death warrant for their student. Go ahead, try and focus on that handlock without a clue how it adds to their fighting style. So they can perform it with for their grading. Big deal. Their opponent is going to smash their face in, pick up a weapon and then use it against them. How much value do you think that wrist lock is worth whilst your student is getting his head smashed in? Or stabbed.

Get real folks.


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