News: Style v Style Fight in Vietnam

Xu Xiaodong a Chinese MMA fighter recently knocked out a Taichi Master and went viral for issuing a challenge to other traditional stylists whom he claimed were 'frauds' has sparked other 'style v style' fights. This particular one seemed to have occurred mid July 2017 between Canadian Wing Chun exponent Pierre Francois Flores and Vietnam Karate Black Belt Đoàn Bảo Chau.

Here are some observations from the fight:

  1. Why are they fighting on a non-matted tiled floor?
  2. Does anyone notice that there's a massive weight class difference?
  3. Anyone bothered there's no referee? No mouthpieces? 
  4. 0:20 Flores asks if it's okay if he uses an open hand or closed hand striking - meaning that there were no real talks before the event to solidify ground rules.
  5. Đoàn solely depends on kicks. He has absolutely no guard up. And little or no ground experience. 
  6. 0:36 Đoàn is in trouble when Flores gets him in a standing clinch. His body shots are absorbed by Flores, and he narrowly escapes a knockout hook by Flores. He does land a glancing hook to the jaw, but because of the angle it causes little damage. 
  7. The fact he uses a side kick whilst Flores closes at 1:05 and a roundhouse at 1:06 indicates to me that he has little experience against opponents who engage in close quarter fighting. 
  8. The tackle at 1:09 by Đoàn seems to be a result of desperation rather than a tactical move. 
  9. Flores connects with a non-Wing Chun head high roundhouse kick in 1:42 that rocks Đoàn. 

While most of my observations are done from the perspective of the Vietnamese, I find this fight uneventful and non-inspiring. Đoàn seems to have little real experience in combat beyond the confines of mid to long range exchange of kicks. This was a mode of training which was in vogue 30 years ago - and he's not evolved from it. The following video is of another sparring match I found on YouTube featuring our plucky Karateka - he sure loves his side kicks.

Flores seems to blend some MMA moves with his skill set though I am unconvinced he does credit to the world of Wing Chun. I just haven't seen the breadth of his experience against a worthy opponent, and I feel like this video - especially if it goes viral, will be shared for all the wrong reasons.

This next one is of Doan practicing in his backyard.

While this is an unfair statement - unfortunately, I've seen better exchange of skill in my garage between open styles and open weight divisions. It's not that I'm saying that these two practitioners aren't quality guys - I'm pretty sure this event didn't do justice for either of them.

Here's a video of the post fight debrief ...

Want to see style v style that's got a little more organisation and excitement?


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