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The Impetus for Sharing Training Video

The garage sets the scene, and the quality is gritty at best. But you're welcomed into a private training session, and the 'cheap and cheery' tone keeps it feeling 'real'. This is the Joong Do Kwan Video Training series, and they've been sharing snippets from their twice weekly sessions since December 2015.

The impetus to output these training videos was to showcase and share traditional taekwondo training methods with Taekwondo instructors and practitioners worldwide. Colin Wee, who heads Joong Do Kwan in Perth Western Australia, only makes the videos available on a secret FaceBook group called The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부.

The video is grainy, and the angle looks like we just stuck a cheap camera on top of a shelf. 

Since studying pattern applications and history some 15 years ago, Colin has discovered that there is often more resources available to the Karate community than for Taekwondo practitioners. "The videos are a gift to all who practice Taekwondo," he said, "and anyone is free to take it or leave it. But the idea is for our community to feel like they have ownership of this material."

At the time of writing, some 44 videos of core applications and techniques have been uploaded to this FaceBook group, and 52 videos - typically featuring shorter techniques have been uploaded to YouTube. The videos on FaceBook cover applications from a variety of Chang Hon forms all the way up to Kwang-gae, but also cover kicks, aikido content, and limited non-Korean material. Most of the videos demonstrate techniques and concepts, then repeates the lesson in four different directions so to present different perspectives.

Ron Jenson, fellow member of
Study of Taekwondo FB Group flies
in to Dallas to be my demo partner 2016.
Of the videos uploaded, the three that have been liked the most have been those covering: basic block flow drills, the double block/knifehand and punch strike in wonhyo, and one in which Colin attempts to learn Nam Seo Kwan Hyung in his living room. Nam Seo Kwan is a pattern unique to the lineage he practices under GM Keith Yates. Of the videos which are most commented on, the top are those that covered back kick training, the Won-hyo Teacup and Saucer stance as a mnemonic for wrist grab counters, and the one featuring the Po-Eun punch across the body drill.

"My philosophy has always been to share whatever I know," Colin says. "I know we could improve it by editing the videos better, or improving the backdrop, or scripting out our verbage. But it'll take too much effort to do that at the moment."

The videos have allowed Colin to improve on some aspects of training. Being able to see how instructors communicate is a big plus, and being able to document what has been covered or drilled is another.

The biggest impact however has been to stress the importance of JDK's Training Methodology. In the videos, you'll often see an application applied on one side or the other similarly. Meaning, the recipient will perform the same technique, not move, and then perform it to receive a strike coming from the opposite hand. Otherwise, you'll see the same move being applied to the front of the body as it is to the back of the opponent's body. This has been an important development in JDK's training approach in the last few years, and one which they are eager to share to other Taekwondo instructors.

While most of the videos have been only published on The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부 Colin has pushed a few applications from his non-Korean training to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization's FaceBook Group - which is also a closed group that only members can view.

The videos shared to the American Karate and Taekwondo Organization have a viewing uptake rate of about 40% of the group's total members. Since the The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부 is a secret group, such statistics are not known. All we can surmise is the positive reception Colin has received from the group's members means that the videos are viewed and people remain interested without feeling the need to hit the 'Like' button.

Colin's appeal is for individuals to 'donate' their time to build the Taekwondo community and to support those others like Totally Taekwondo who do. For him, the video resources shared become the joint property of all practitioners. His appeal is for all black belts to see community building as part of their responsibility; and that the worldwide Taekwondo community will benefit from any concerted effort.

For more information on how to access these videos, please join the JDK Library or The study of Taekwondo/ 태권도의 공부. Or please visit Colin's new YouTube Channel.

Editors Note: This article was written and submitted to Totally Taekwondo in February 2016, and modified on July 23 2017.

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