Front Kick Counter, and Lessons on Applications

Who reads the preambles that I write for these YouTube videos? I hope people do.

The above video shows a front kick counter. The preamble goes something like this

Published on Jun 23, 2017 
Dosan. If anything sticks out from this form, it should be that this is the first form in Taekwondo that teaches you the front kick. And then? And then everyone that teaches it hangs you out to dry by probably teaching you how to block that kick using a low block. 
Don't snort at the front kick. It is lethal and effective. It is no nonsense. It is subversive. And it will hurt you. Meaning you need to do it well enough to do the same to everyone else. Extending this logic, when people do it back to you - you need some idea as to what to do against it. 
Any basic or fundamental technique you do needs to have a counter because someone else is going to do it back to you. 
Here is one of the counters that work to stop a front kick. Just shoot your knee out - just like a fold for a front kick, to stop the oncoming kick. As the man in the video sez - no one wants to clash shins with a knee, especially at maximum acceleration. 
The circular move I do with my foot and then return fire using that front leg extension? It just occurred to me that that was what I wanted to do at the time. You can move into any other technique as you desire, or as you were trained to do. 
Lastly - the title says 'from Dosan'. Is it really from Dosan? You tell me. :-)
Let me explain it to you, focusing your attention on the main takeaway lesson. What the guy is trying to say is ...


Either during the same form, before, or very soon after. You should never really learn a technique without learning its counter. Now I didn't say you needed to look at the form for the defence. I'm just saying - if a form throws out something to you, it's just like someone using a sticky note pad and writing 'front kick'. And from that simple little note, you should be able to summarize in your head how to throw the kick, how to feint it in, variations of the technique, and defending against someone using the technique against you.

So many use the word 'applications'. And what does that word mean to you? Well, it means you take something and apply it against something else. It doesn't tell you to just apply it once. For the martial artist, the word means apply it as many times as required.

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