Fight Science Video on Most Powerful Kick

The takeaway from this experiment is efficiency - doing more work with equal force. Not "about speed."

The capoeira kick transferred more body mass into the striking tool in comparison to the TKD kick. Isn't that what martial arts is supposed to be? Taking even a scrawny person and making them achieve their 100%? Not everyone is going to be accelerating their leg to 136mph, but everyone who can sling a kick should make their kick deliver up to that 18 times 'pounds of force' from each mile per hour they travel. I believe I can achieve that ratio and probably exceed it with some kicks I use.

I just might not look at buff as these guys. Might probably be better than Simon Rhee. But not by much. LOL.

As a side note - this little 'science experiment' compares apples and oranges. Notice how all the kicks are different? The only two that were probably similar are the Muay Thai kick and the TKD roundhouse. And then again the Muay Thai kick was probably done more mid range, and the TKD one extended to a long range strike - thus explaining the small gain of speed, and the massive jump in the ratio of speed to force.

Keep training. But more importantly ... keep thinking!!!

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