Are You Alright?

Are you bullied at school? Feeling depressed and feel like there's no one to turn to? Experiencing domestic violence? Demeaned? Ridiculed? Isolated?

If you like, we can ignore all of that when you train at JDK. Not so much ignoring your suffering, but we can help you focus on something other than your situation - to give you breathing room - and we won't talk about any issue if you are not feeling comfortable enough or ready to do so.

Martial Arts training is 'interesting' - we practice lethal techniques but in a controlled, nurturing and safe environment. Everything we do can be explained by physics, so in a sense as we train your body and your bio mechanical movements, we are allowing you to do extraordinary things with your bare hands and feet.

Colin Wee before and after training. Left - as a young 11 yo. Right - as a 41 year old. Yes, I have experienced bullying, and domestic violence. The martial art training I embarked on was to delve into an alternate universe in my head. It allowed me to create my own confidence and inner strength. It would be my honour to share my insight with yourself or your friends in any way possible.

While many of these things we do are confronting, the nature of the training, and the deliberate and incremental desensitisation works to develop very positive results in a wide range of people. I have seen the benefits of such training both on myself and on other people.

I may not experience what you are experiencing and I may not be able to help you solve your own personal problem. Or perhaps I can make it better just by being there. But through Taekwondo's Tenets and martial arts training I can offer you something else which will develop abilities you could only dream of. A visit to our dojang will take you out of your own world. Our training system shares a very different world view with all practitioners.

Of course I urge you to look for support from your family, teachers, friends, or your health care professionals (see Kids Helpline). But if they can't help you, I would love to share something that can. And, I will ...

... train you like your life depended on it. Same as everyone else.

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