Side Kick in the Air v Landing it on the Bag

One of my students commented today that the side kick done in the air - for instance, during the form - differs from the side kick done on the bag. The one in the air requires you to balance on that support leg, whereas when you're striking the bag, you've got to direct body mass into the bag. This is one of my contentions with hyung - and that is, everything needs to be *applied*. The form of the kick is shown, but if it is that you want to lay into your opponent, you'll need to know how to send it laterally, and make impact. If you want to take the opponent down, you'll need to know how to impact that front leg, on the inside or out to bring the person down. The hyung is only about 40 steps long - it can't tell you everything. It only references other skills that you need to know in order to be functional in opposition to someone trying to knock you out. Everything in the form has to be 'applied'. Just doing the form is not sufficient to understand the Martial Heart.

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