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L-> R Sifu Gawain Siu (Ging Mo Academy), Shihan Andrew Netes (Bujinkan), Dr Nigel Farrier (MAEC), Kyoshi Gary Simpson (Zanshin Kai), Chung Sah Nim Colin Wee (JDK), Sifu Vincent Cordeiro, Sensei Jeff Cosgrove (Wu Wei Dao), Kyo Sah Nim Joshua Lay (JDK), Dragan Malesic (Bujinkan), Sah Bum Nim Niaal Holder (JDK), and Terence Bridgeman (Bridgeman Savate). Absent: Peter Wong (TKD Kidokwan Perth), and Steve Andy (Zanshin Kai). 

IAOMAS Masters is a by-invitation-only event in Western Australia for heads of schools and senior instructors. The first one, held in February 2017 was attended by 12 heads of schools and senior instructors. The event was envisaged as a continuing professional development program supported by volunteer guest speakers and instructors.

I don't want to boast, but any one of these participants - singly - would fill the space with their knowledge and experience - and here IAOMAS is able to invite and draw a dozen of these individuals! Incredible.

Posted by Colin Wee on Thursday, 27 July 2017

Guest speakers and instructors are invited to come up with an appropriate topic to cover within a 45 minute training session. Before the event, we may look through proposed topics and coordinate with each in order to come up with an interesting day. 

You can think of this as the 'Part 2' of the IAOMAS Conference 2014 we had several years ago. I envisage organising this event as a sort of continuing professional development type program.

While we could have organised a rental hall - the confines of my garage dojang is a nice and cosy backdrop to help participants get to know each other. But please note - due to space constraints, receiving an invitation to one event does not mean that you will automatically come for the very next event. Please understand that we will work for all participants to return at some time, but you need to be patient and work within the constraints of our infrastructure. To reiterate, don't expect a large space - it's a garage, with mats laid out for a 6m x 5m training area. Please don't be bringing additional guests unless you clear it with me for numbers. 

For privacy and for freedom in running this event the way I need to run it (it's a juggling act between very busy and active individuals plus limited garage space), I will not be publishing social media updates on future events - and I also request all participants and volunteer guest instructors to avoid sharing details of current or future events on social media for at least half a year. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Again, this is a by-invitation-only event. If in doubt of availability or participation, please check in with the host. If you need an assistant, please check with the host. Invitations are non-transferable. Please RSVP. No RSVP = No Confirmed Place. 

My gratitude to the Masters who have volunteered, and those who grace JDK's garage dojang by participating. Thank you for supporting my vision.

IAOMAS Masters Report

IAOMAS Masters Q1 2017

The IAOMAS Masters event February 2017 featured Kyoshi Gary Simpson from Zanshin Kai Karate, Terence Bridgeman from Bridgeman Savate, and Shihan Andrew Netes from Bujinkan. Kyoshi Gary covered discussion of Japanese Karate pattern practice and pragmatic application of self defence concepts. Terry covered Savate kicking tactics. And Shihan Andrew talked about the Bujinkan, it's philosophy and realities of close quarter conflict. 

IAOMAS Masters Q3 2017

This event featured Sensei Nenad Djurdjevic (Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts), Terence Bridgeman (Bridgeman Savate), and Sifu Gawain Siu (Ging Mo Academy). Sensei Nenad shared Okinawan kata Tensho with applications. Terry covered Savate knife theory and knife fencing philosophy. And Sifu Gawain presented the practical method of Tai Chi and progression of self awareness. 

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