2016 Update

The Impetus to Share 

The garage sets the scene, and the quality is gritty at best. But you're pulled into our private training session, and the 'Cheap and Cheery' tone keeps it feeling 'real'. This has been what we've doing since December 2015 when we stuck an IP surveillance camera over our training area. The impetus to output these videos was to showcase Traditional Taekwondo training methods with Taekwondo instructors and practitioners worldwide. Almost 45 videos to date have been published to a FaceBook group called The Study of Taekwondo 태권도의 공부.

2016 A-KaTo Instructor of the Year 

It was a huge honour for Colin to be invited back by parent organisation American Karate and Taekwondo Organization for their 40th Anniversary Celebrations in March 2016. Held in Dallas, it featured a special training session for out-of-town instructors, a full day of seminars, and then a dinner banquet. The highly unexpected award for Instructor of the Year was an emotional moment for Colin in his 33+ year martial art career. Presenting this award is one of the most inspiring gentlemen I know GM Keith Yates.

The Joong Do Kwan Training Method

The videos we've been showing have hinted at a Joong Do Kwan training method. This has been adopted by us to make sense of the immense number of possible applications within a pattern. Many instructors may present options for various techniques from their patterns. This is like an unfolding of a syllabus - we do that too. However, the capacity to learn is limited by ability and the dynamic nature of an encounter - something which we recognise, and we seek to resolve. We do this by presenting applications and techniques in ways where student practitioners can gain an understanding of how things 'work' as to just having a collection of cool skills that they would struggle to use.

Ging Mo Free Form Fighting 2016

Colin has been involved with Ging Mo Free Form Fighting as a corner judge for more than two years now. End of last year, he participated in bringing Ging Mo Free Form Fighting to Singapore as part of the 4th International Wushu  Competition, and this year he was involved in the 2016 Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships.

The Study of Taekwondo 태권도의 공부

Colin has been one of four moderators for this FaceBook group. The group comprises over 520 Taekwondo practitioners worldwide, and was started by Ørjan Nilsen, a Taekwondo blogger situated in Norway.

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