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19 Mar 2013

Scoop Block from Wonhyo

The Scoop Block out of Wonhyo - can you see it in Step 19 and Step 22? In the diagram it's labelled Circular Block rather than a scoop. 

I've seen (and I also teach) applications for this against a simple kick punch combination. Some use the circular technique against a leg to capture it to effect a takedown. Yet another Youtube application shows a funky circular block to defend against a roundhouse punch.

There are so many other (and better) ways to deal with basic attacks it's not even funny anymore. Also a capture is so much better when the 'scoop' is outside of the body frame, rather than right in front of it. Has no one stopped to ask what happens if you miss capturing the strike, I wonder. As for using a circular block as an arm lock - not entirely rubbish, but I know you don't have much experience doing arm locks so I'll give you points for trying.

The Scoop Block comes into it's own not against a foot or arm strike, but against a person grabbing you in a clinch or half clinch. The big reach over and scoop under can be done on the same side to capture one arm and ends up grabbing the other elbow. The kick performs a leg reap and the punch either dumps the attacker's head to the floor or punches him after he lands. 

This is an excellent tactical skill to have. You are in front of a non-compliant opponent, have tried to do 'something' with his arm or take him down. And then are now capturing his arm and peforming a leg reap takedown. If not in a sportive or friendly situation, the arm control provides management of weapon arm, leaving the other arm free to continue to strike opponent. 

Looking at variations on the theme - if I take the 'Twin outer forearm block' as a 'helmet' type self defence cover, you can gap close through a melee, and then use the lead arm to scoop an opponent's extended arm. 

If you ever been hit, you'd know covering up is GOOD FOR YOU!

The resulting 'High inward single-hand shuto' then comes into its own as it brings the back hand downward in a serious response against a very aggressive opponent. You just apply it onto the shoulder or onto the neck as you are comfortable with. See the following image I'm borrowing off the web ...

This is about what I'm trying to get at. :-) And so should you.
With an attacker's arm captured, you can do strikes and takedowns fairly easily. 



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