Training Warriors for the 21st Century

Training Warriors for the 21st Century
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo cross training with Kidokwan Perth

8 Aug 2012

Colin's Taekwondo v Taekwondo's Colin

I had an enjoyable chat with a high dan ranked instructor recently. Invariably, we talked about our varied experiences, and how to deliver those influences through our system. It surprised me to hear him say when he leaves his current system, he wants to approach his system like how I do. That piqued my interest, and made me think of another recent meeting I had a few months ago with a senior ITF instructor. That instructor also surprised me by asking me if I had created my own forms - as he had done so for his own school. My response was that I was still working on my black belt level patterns - both Taekwondo and Okinawan that continue to shape my philosophy. Eventually, all of it flows through the structure of Taekwondo. Even if I spent a day with some space traveler who taught me alien kung fu, and I found some new technique which I just had to 'borrow', and then replicated it in class - that ceases it being extra terrestrial, and it starts it's new life within the kwan. But just to be sure you understand, it doesn't boil down to a free-for-all grab fest of techniques. The 100 ways of explaining the same motion? That doesn't float my boat. Traditional Taekwondo's patterns have a personality, they speak to you of tactics and strategy. And in turn that makes you filter the world for Taekwondo as a living entity. I could not possibly add something that is alien to Taekwondo if it doesn't fit. My job is to look for that fit, and to let that natural assimilation occur. This is the extent of my ego on the art - and that is how my kwan works. Keep it real, my brothers.


Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan Chung Sah Nim
Hikaru Dojo Shihan
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