Our Super Power

My Super Power - ability to destress through weekly training!

There are way too many instructors, schools, and clubs in this industry who brag about how good they are, oftentimes with very little to back them up. How many times have I heard: "Our style is the best." "Our black belt gradings are so tough." "Our syllabus is so complete." "Our instructor is so awesome." Yawn.

Several years ago, against this grain, a very accomplished martial artist friend of mine posted that he has even more of a reason not to say he is any good - he simply said he is now dedicated to pursuing and preserving a Koryu tradition. Tongue-in-cheek but solid wisdom from a humble master. Someone I could never beat in the sparring ring.

So ... what would you gain from joining our school?

My aims are simple. To share a small range of hard style techniques from an interesting period in history. Our story is compelling, you should listen to it if you have time. But the reality is that hard styles like ours are a 'meat and potatoes' system. Simple. Unfussed. Otherwise boring to those who would pepper their sentences with terms like MMA, BJJ, CQC, etc.

Our 'program' to black belt whilst challenging should be doable by almost everyone, and can be completed in about 4+ years if you train moderately and consistently. No special physical talent is needed though good coordination is always a plus from the instruction point of view. Come to Joong Do Kwan and gain some good all round skills - some defence capability, some technique delivery, some multiple person tactics, and sparring experience. Just so you know, sparring is not full contact - it's semi contact.

It's the even progress that I think is more important than super dooper sparring skills or having an extensive but superficial collection of techniques. This ability to deal with some conflict scenarios plus the ability to 'power up' a few basic techniques may give you an edge in a confrontation. Come to think of it, just our overall approach increases your preparedness - not just for physical conflict, but mental and emotional ones too. From what I've seen, there's also a major upshot to regular training - the sessions help you to destress from the day, and generally allow you to manage life better on a day-to-day basis.

Now ... what is it that I wanted to brag about?


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Anonymous said…
That's certainly worth bragging about and is the exact philosophy my old TKD school had. We were a satellite school in a much bigger organization. We had hand-me-down equipment, no mats, and practiced in the crappiest of four university ballet studios.

Our two instructors focused on the fundamentals and we did good. We still placed at tournaments and generated two black belts.

I have to say that school may have been my best martial arts experience and I do miss it some days!

Kenneth Gibbons said…
This was very impressive. I am more interested in knowing more about Taekwondo.
Liezl Siozon said…
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supergroup7 said…
Yes... Thumbs up on this post.

When one can take useful things with them away from the dojo that can help improve their daily coping with stress, then they have gained more than just rank, and recognition.
Jim SFK said…
I think that it goes without saying that the best martial artists are the ones who work and train the hardest.

This too could be said about a head instructor at a specific dojo... But I believe that there are great natural athletes at every karate school across the globe.

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