Taekwondo History

GM Choi Hong Hi was requested in 1952 to train the entire army in the martial arts. In 1955, 'Taekwondo' was accepted as the name to unify the kwans in Korea.

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Colin Wee
Chung Sah Nim (Principal), Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do
School of the Middle Way - the point between old Okinawan predecessors and modern Korean innovations. Started as HRGB April 2000, reborn as JDK Sept 2011.
Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, Patterns, and Applications at the Traditional Taekwondo Blog. [Subscribe using email or RSS feeds] [Tkd Sitemap]. Colin is a martial art instructor with 28 years of experience across three continents. Colin leads a small Traditional Taekwondo group for adults in Perth, Western Australia. Connect with Colin on Traditional Taekwondo FB page. And help us rank on Google by clicking the '+1' icon, why don't you?
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BSM said…
That entire episode is one of my favs. I was sad to see the show canceled. Incidentally, in that episode Jason Chambers hurts his knee trying a TKD technique he probably had no business trying.

I'm not sure what ever happened to him or Bill Duff!
Colin Wee said…
I thought the one where they went through the US marines training program and get their asses whooped, stabbed and taken down was a really good one.
TaekwonPro said…
Although a great episode, they should have delved more into the history of Subak, which was what Taekkyon originated from.

I have to admit, becoming a doctor in taekwondo, like they showed was available at the University of Seoul, would be pretty cool, to say the least.

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