I see Hwa-rang on the Lawn

A couple of senior belts and I met to go over requirements and specifically trained in Hwa-rang on the lawn at College Park today.

I wasn't dressed like anything resembling the flower warrior youth group- with a baseball cap and my 'competition' gi from century ma. But we sure looked at techniques that were hard hitting indeed.

The few that I'd like to mention quickly are - a counter against a front lunging technique using a deflect then choke associated with a cross body punch; an attack to the neck as a counter against a lapel grab; a response against a punch and cross using the double blocks to parry and attack; and a ruthless joint attack or arm destruction off steps 4-6.

The Hwa-rang were known for their kicks, or their reputation was built off formidable kicking techniques. We looked at the low x block, crescent kick, and the low block/elbow strike as a response against a lunge strike. The x block is a deflect and arm capture - the crescent kick is an attack to either the hand (if the opponent is carrying a long range weapon) or if not, is aimed at the elbow or bicep. Once done, the practitioner can access Toi-gye level apps and when bringing down the leg - could expand the body and send the leg strike into the oppnent's knee or thigh on the way down.

Surely, something a Hwa-rang would appreciate.


Colin Wee
Chung Sah Nim (Principal)
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Matt said…
sounds like a productive meetup!
Colin Wee said…
It was. Invite yourself over the next time! :-)

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