Toi-gye Jams the Leg and Throws the Opponent

Taekwondo Toi-gye Step 29 and 30 - jump into a low X-block in cross stance and then execute a high double augmented forearm block. We do this predominantly as a side drop ala Aikido's Sokomen Uchi. The following video will show you what I mean.

Taekwondo practitioners however don't move like Aiki practitioners and thus the tenkan or the turn may not be accessible from our kit bag. What we do have however is this 'jump into X stance' - which means rather than slipping past and turning the opponent around us, we plough more or less straight into the opponent and apply forward pressure to oncoming strike.

From a front on lunging type attack, you slip to the back of the opponent and may apply the cross block as block to oncoming punch, or as a strike to extended knee or groin. This disrupts the initial forward momentum of opponent allowing you to apply the double augmented block as a nice takedown.

In a close range situation you  might choose to use the X block as a defence against an oncoming knee strike, perform a headbutt strike coming up, shift hips aside and then apply the throw similar to above.

I don't really like lunging into the opponent and ducking so low unless I make the strike really worth while. I personally would tend to use an upset punch against groin when a person raises his leg - but that requires you to really surge in deep and compact your body. To make this technique much more pragmatic, I would choose to attack the front leg with the X block in a lunging stance, then step closer with the X stance to throw the opponent.

In this way you get the forward momentum supported by back leg and lunge stance to do some real damage.  If it fails, you can rise into either a headbutt or bring your hands up into a protected upper block ala Po-eun step 2 to strike against neck region. Irrespective, if you strike either with the initial move or the secondary rising move, the throw using double augmented block is still a viable follow through.

An alternative interpretation of the Jump into X Stance as follows:


Colin Wee
Principal, Hikaru Dojo Traditional Taekwondo School
Coordinator, IAOMAS
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