Traditional Taekwondo Perspective on The Chambered Fist

We chamber the fist on the ribs.

You find this level at a tug of war - pulling that rope back, you don't hold it above your shoulder or at your hip. You hold it somewhere at your ribs so that your lats can apply as much pull on the rope as possible.

But the level isn't the only thing we look out for. The forearm of the chambered fist points forward. In a lunge punch for instance, the chambered arm is readied for the next iteration of the punch. In the case of the back balance and soodo marki (knife hand block), the back hand (all the way to the elbow) is pressed against the body again pointing forward to strike the target in front of the practitioner.

From the soodo marki knife hand block in back stance, slide into a forebalance and pull your chambered fist from where it is at solar plexus to the side of the ribs. Do it at the same time, and repeat back and forth. You should see that the arm should stay more or less pointing forward.

From the front stance and with the chambered arm held tightly against the ribs, now pull the back leg slightly forward into a loose fighting stance. Bring the chambered arm up with fist at shoulder height. The fist is now right in front of the shoulder joint, and ready for a straight jab or roundhouse punch.

What I find important to communicate is that there is an optimal tension for the chambered hand. While relaxedness is important, 'linking' your arm to your main body mass is important -- and thus your reverse hand should be stabilised to your side using your lats and your pecs. This is more so for when you're chambering on your body, rather than holding your fist up for a jab or roundhouse punch.


-- Colin Wee Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, Patterns, and Applications at the Traditional Taekwondo Blog. [Subscribe using email or RSS feeds] [Tkd Sitemap]. Colin is a martial art instructor with 25 years of experience across three continents. Colin leads a small Traditional Taekwondo group for adults in Perth, Western Australia. Connect with Colin on FaceBook and Traditional Taekwondo on FB.


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