Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk Close Quarter Drill

This is a video of a drill we use for intermediate belts based on Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk steps 15-20. These steps describe an outer open palm pressing 'block,' done using one hand after the other and a mid level punch at the end of the sequence.

The primary application that I teach using these techniques are two takedowns similar to an Aiki Takiotoshi and a Sayunage. One throws the opponent forward and the other, backward.

[Note: the previous video is unavailable, so I'm uploading a new video which may not be entirely similar to what I've previously commented on when I wrote this post. But I'm trying to look for the video. Bear with me.]

I associate the above close quarter drill for this sequence to help develop good hand skills for the intermediate belts. Intermediate belts need to start using both hands fluently to get out of the habit of having their reverse 'pullback' fist at hip or ribs. Aside from this particular drill seen above, we have 4 other drills that have hopefully developed patterns of hand movements allowing students to have both hands in front of their faces - covering, blocking and returning fire to opponents.

Jacob is speeding through this drill, but there are two blocks/deflections occurring. The first parries a punch from the outside with back hand and raises what looks like a knife hand but using the forearm to contact the oncoming punch. The second parries a punch from the outside with open backhand and drops what looks like a hybrid knife hand/lower block to the outside of the oncoming punch. Both 'knife hands are held vertical, similar to the onset of the fold for the pressing block.

The use of both hands for the oncoming strike allows the practitioner student to gain the ability to use both hands in an effective practical manner. The final 'block' with the mid or upper end of the forearm allows the practitioner to use the hand as a striking tool. So the point of this coverage is not to just tie up the hands waving off the strike, it is to free the hand in order that it can be used as a striking tool. Essentially you are 'endowing' the tip of elbow to tip of hand with two main tools - one is the elbow end of the forearm, the other is the hand/wrist bit of the forearm.

Success with this drill is improved with generous hip rotation, chin held down, and both hands held tight to centre line. Intermediate belts getting used to the drill can play around with gap closing, stepping into the opponent just after parrying/blocking.
1. With hand held up, you may try an open palm strike to face.
2. With hand pushed downward, you may try an open palm groin strike and grab.

With both hands deployed, a number of close quarter strikes and takedowns are easily added on to expand on the above sequence.

Good luck.

For more information on this technique, please see Soo Shim Kwan's The Hooking Block.

Here's another application from the same sequence ...


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SooShimKwan said…
Thank you for uploading the video. I've been searching for a long time for a good video to illustrate the function of the hooking block / "geolcho makgi" / 걸초 막기.

I described it in a post in detail: http://sooshimkwan.blogspot.com/2010/10/hooking-block.html

But your video just illustrates it better. If you don't mind, I'd like to embed this video on my blog and also make link to your post from my post.
Colin Wee said…
Go ahead. Glad you like it and glad it helps!

I should share with you the takedowns we do for the pressing blocks then. I'll see if I can get more video this weekend.

Cheers! :-)

SooShimKwan said…
Thank you. I look forward to the takedown videos. ;-)
Dan Djurdjevic said…
Great close-quarter drill Colin!

(By the way, I haven't forgotten that we were supposed to get together for that chat - I've been arriving home so late from work that I haven't had a chance to scratch myself! I'll call you soon.)
Colin Wee said…
Thanks, Dan.

I'm confident that you've not forgotten ... and I know how busy life gets. So just let me know when you can make it and I'll try to gather forces on my end too.


supergroup7 said…
Thanks for that great video, Colin.

I've done that exercise many times. Nice to see it on video.

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