The Art of the Head On Collision

One of my instructors told me once that hard style martial arts were concerned with one thing. And that one thing is in the way your centre of gravity moves in relation to your opponent. The goal he said, was to ensure that your centre of gravity takes the place of your opponent's centre of gravity. Knock him back, or knock him out, then take his place. 

Taking over your opponent's centre of gravity is very different from how many student practitioners practise sparring. Sparring becomes a duel, a play of technique and strategy. It does not entirely help you learn about hard style concepts. Don't get me wrong, it's a good exercise, but it isn't the be all and end all of martial art training.

This picture above shows how even the simplest of techniques - a forward stance - can be applied in a devastating 'hard style' manner. Once the knee strike is applied, you can be sure the next move will allow the operator to take the place of his opponent.

We need to seek instances during class, like when you practice self defence scenarios ... or when you do one steps, to apply our bodies and our techniques in such a manner than we are literally using our techniques to attack the position of our opponent's centre of gravity.


-- Colin Wee Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, Patterns, and Applications at the Traditional Taekwondo Blog. [Subscribe using email or RSS feeds] [Tkd Sitemap]. Colin is a martial art instructor with 25 years of experience across three continents. Colin leads a small Traditional Taekwondo group for adults in Perth, Western Australia. Connect with Colin on FaceBook and Traditional Taekwondo Group on FB.


Colin Wee said…
Thanks for stopping by. BTW - I love your blog! :-) Cheers, Colin
SooShimKwan said…
Thank you. Coming from you that is a great compliment.
Colin Wee said…
Thank you for the generous compliment! :-)

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