I've Broken My Finger and Have Lost the Will to Fight

Taekwondo Black Belt student practitioners in my system learn a handful of Shotokan Karate kata. One in particular is Basai, or in Shotokan, 'Basai Dai'. According to Kyoshi Bruce Clayton PhD in his book Shotokan's Secret, Basai was a Matsumura form that prompted the technician to attack multiple persons from the inside. 

In the version of Basai I learn, we do a jump backfist ala Taekwondo Yul guk (step 1 Basai), hammer fist/inside forearm block to the face (step 2) and then a scoop block ala Taekwondo Won hyo (step 3). The shotokan version does the inside forearm block in step 4. But as you can see, this sequence is repeated several times at the start of the form. 

If Basai is done against a team of multiple opponent - and if the technician is attacking multiple opponents - and if the first step is a leaping forward foot stomp ... what everyone will see is only the person going down screaming after a bloody scary looking backfist.

The technician then turns to face another attacker who would probably be mentally unprepared for what has just happened - and distracted by the screams of his compadre. The technician raises his hand to go for a strike to the face. The opponent is now shitting himself and raises his hands to protect his face.

The hammer fist inner forearm block/strike either hits or not. The scoop block however starts off by grabbing hold of two or three of the fingers held upright. The scoop then 'steering wheels' the arm and wrenches the fingers along with the motion. The result - same side does a kotegaeshi/yonkyo (wrist turn out or flexed back), opposite side into a sankyo (wrist turn in). If you're not going for a finger lock, a quicker sharper motion results in a finger break or dislocation.

For those of you who need to ask ... yes I've dislocated someone's shoulder before during sparring. Accidentally, of course. And had to do first aid with the help of medical advice over the phone. 

Dropping a person by breaking his fingers is far easier than raising your leg and kicking him in the head.

Also a person nursing broken fingers becomes extremely compliant - use him as your shield, he stumbles along with you and you don't even have to hold him upright!

Have a good day!



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Mathieu said…
I've broken a finger before. The next day, I was unwilling to fight. The same night, strangely, I kept punching with the same hand and I could have kept on going. In class, of course.

however, around 2h later, I couldn't even sleep because of the pain.

Very good post
Colin Wee said…
Mat - I've updated this post with two links to videos I posted on FB.

AS for your finger ... did you break it hitting something? Or did someone break it for you. Details!!!???


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