Taekwondo Yul-guk: Side Kick and Cover

I could talk about the side kick from Won-hyo, but I won't.

The side kick from Won-hyo is introduced as either a proactive attack-based kick or a defensive kick.

Just found this really cute video of this kid doing Yul-guk ...

What I wanted to talk about was of a side kick that gets you to attack an opponent and attack again. That means, your opponent has tried to hit you, is hitting you, or will hit you. You are going to perform a side kick, deal with his attack and then counter.

You cannot do this unless you are prepared to cover and defend yourself during the kick itself. Look at the side kick from Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk. One hand is extended, and there is the retraction of the chambered fist. Something is going on! Furthermore, after the kick is launched and retracted, the practitioner is required to counter with an elbow strike either to the neck or head.

What is the main place that beginners s*** themselves on? It is during the side kick when your hands are flung every which way. The front hand is swung to the back. The back hand is swung away from the body. You're just flailing around with your hands. This is no good at all. You need to keep your hands between you and the opponent at all times. Whatever kick you launch, you need to have the leg raised by hip muscle alone. The upper body should not move and should not telegraph any kick. If you have to move your upper body you are doing the kick wrongly.

The hands should - as a rule of thumb - be either up or down. One hand up, the other down. You should try protecting both your head and groin at the same time, and interchange your hands whilst doing the kick. Yep - it's not easy is it? But don't ... and get kicked there, and it's GAME OVER. There's no point in dreaming of other ways to end the fight, because your fight will be over for you.


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