Shotokan's Secret Expanded Version is Out!

If ever you think that you're lacking inspiration, not knowing where your martial arts is taking you, don't understand why you do martial arts the way you do martial arts, and scratch your head trying to explain certain drills - you know it's time for you to get Shotokan's Secret. The first book I got my hands on contained profound revelations that forever changed the way I practice and teach hard style systems. The book literally confirmed many of the doubts I was having and literally helped me progress my own skills just through the insight it shed on many basic and fundamental issues.

Today, I was honoured to receive the expanded version. Dr Clayton Hanshi was more than generous to have mentioned my in his book - but more importantly, I noted that the additional sections contain amazing new material. From our email conversations, I know he has captured high level martial concepts some of which reflect my own insights from my 26+ years of training. I know no one else who has documented such profound knowledge and wisdom.

I strongly recommend this book to all enthusiasts. I intend on making this a mandatory purchase for my Traditional Taekwondo school.

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Charlie said…
I'll look forward to getting the expanded copy too. This is the only book that I have ever read through twice within a short space of time. It changed my outlook too.
Joanne said…
hello Colin,
Sorry to be contacting you through this but I couldn't find an contact email address for you.
I belong to a company which focuses on selling clothing and equipment for Martial Arts, in particular Taekwondo, and feel that a connection with your site could benefit us greatly.
I was just wondering if you would be interested in becoming an affiliate in which you would place a banner of our company (different sizes available) on your website. We would provide you with the HTML code for the banner and it would not cost you anything. What happens that if a visitor to your site clicks on the banner through to our site, then makes a purchase, you will receive commission on the sale. If this is something you are interested in or would like some more information please reply with your email address and I can contact you directly.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Colin Wee said…
Joanne, you can contact me at

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