Knee Strikes and Take Downs

Nicole is currently studying taekwondo patten do-san. So this drill is an extracurricular one that draws on other aspects of her training with us. Gap closing requires her to deflect and slap the oncoming strike away, control opponent, knee strike, shift his weight backwards and take his leg out from under him. The video is of her starting the drill - so you can see the process of learning has just started and the execution speed is still a little tentative (as is the case with the next video). This drill was inspired by Sabumnin Stuart Anslow.

Nicole Knee Strikes

Christian is doing Taekwondo pattern Yul-guk, which has elements of this drill through the form. Step 7 scoop block, the side kick as 'knee', elbow strikes, and the open palm tension presses as deflections are all utilised in this drill. Christian gap closes, strikes, controls, knees the opponent, wraps his arm around the opponent's neck and turns the person to executive yet another elbow on the back of the neck. This drill was inspired taken from Datu Kelly Worden.

Christian Knee Strikes

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Daniel said…
Wow!! This looks fun! I can't wait to get back to training this week!
Colin Wee said…
So it's going to be hammer time when you do? :-)
Matt said…
I dig the new template!
Colin Wee said…
Thanks Matt - it's a free one too! :-) Colin

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