Taekwondo Yul-guk: Neck Manipulation, Leg Defence, and Backfist

Today at Taekwondo class my blue belt practiced

Yul-guk: If you control the Head, you control the Body (Steps 15-17)

... this blogging thing is great, I don't have to re-write my old posts on the subject!!!

We also practiced a leg defence using step 11 & 12 where we catch the oncoming striking kick using a variety of capturing techniques. Instead of sweeping the support leg, we lift the striking leg aggressively. To good effect I added in the front kick to the nuts, though my uke was already not impressed with the net results ... nearly falling, smashing his head on the decking, and tearing skin off on the exposed nails.

We also chatted about

Yul-guk: Step 35-36 Jumping Backfist in X-stance - It Could be Taught as the Most Useless Technique Ever!!!

I'm really loving my blog.

Anything to add?

Colin Wee
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