Shotokan's Secret - With New Material

Shotokan's Secret - by Kyoshi Bruce Clayton PhD

Some of you might think I'm in love with Dr Clayton with the number of times he and his book Shotokan's Secret is mentioned on my blog:

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Australasian Taekwondo Magazine

Reading Shotokan's Secret was a life changing event for me as a martial artist. At a time when I was researching forms and understanding applications and drills from my own style, the book helped to clarify my thoughts on what it was like living my life as one of the old masters of karate. It made my martial arts more real for me, and raised my enthusiasm and passion for this hobby back to an all time high.

I thank Dr Clayton for giving me the opportunity to meet him when I was in the Napa Valley in 2006, and for being so kind as to mention my meager participation on his forum and communications through emails. I have enjoyed talking with this bona fide martial art historian, and am thankful for the large inspiration he has played within the development of my own practice and understanding of the martial arts.

People like Dr Clayton make me proud to be practicing what I do, and make me confident in the quality of people in the martial arts industry. Please do yourself a favor and check out his book. See follow up post Shotokan's Secret Expanded Version is Out.


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