Taekwondo Back Kick

As a progression from the various side kicks taught to my blue belt, we added in the back kick to his bag of tricks. The drill starts off in a horse stance side on to the target. The turn is a 90 degree backward turn. The heel is picked up leaving the kicking knee close to the support knee. The head is turned enough to see the target in the peripheral vision. The kick is performed so that the heel hits the target and the toes are pointing downwards.

Mistakes that kickers do is to turn hard, spinning more than necessary. This is a back kick and not one that generates power with the turn. Make sure the turn is small and conservative. Another mistake is that kickers turn and raise the the kicking hip higher and counter balanced with a tilted body. This allows kickers to perform nice head high side kicks. This is not a spinning side kick. The back kick should be able to come under an attacking leg - like a roundhouse or a side kick.

The start point needs to have the kicker's backside pointing at the target, and during the drill it might be useful for the kicker to turn, stop, wait, then kick at the target. Keeping the knee tight to the support leg allows the kick to come up from 'under' ... making it very difficult to defend against.

Power generation if for the front kick involves pushing the hips forward with the support leg. With the back leg, the support leg pushes the backside toward the target.

If the kick is done well you should be able to drop the kicking foot right next to the support foot. If equilibrium or balance is out, your head will wobble either left or right and your feet will land separately.

Make sure to keep one hand covering the face - I like to use my back hand crossed over. The front hand can be kept down to cover the ribs and the groin.



Colin Wee
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