Taekwondo Sparring Bingo

I'm bringing to training a cool game in which I created some time ago but have not used in the last few years. It's a taekwondo sparring bingo sheet ... 9 taekwondo techniques listed on a single sheet of paper (several sheets are produced to increase variety). You cross out each taekwondo technique you successfully perform during the sparring session. Once you've finished with the entire sheet, you get to sit down. Taekwondo sparring shouldn't be the best techniques against weaker opponents all the time - this is the worst use of this practice! This isn't good practice, and many traditional masters like Gichin Funakoshi totally disagreed with free sparring. Sparring should teach proper breathing, coverage, movement, speed, and reactions. Allowing yourself to use different techniques helps build a broader range of skills, and helps you test the tactics as studied from taekwondo patterns. Keep challenging yourself and you will definitely BINGO!

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Colin Wee
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Christian said…
Aside from the usefulness "Sparring Bingo" is also great fun! That was a great session yesterday Colin, thanks for introducing the game to us.
Colin Wee said…
I'm glad you enjoyed it! It doesn't take much to prompt us to stretch ourselves. You should use the white space as note paper - noting what variation you may like to use next or what lessons you've taken from the session. Colin

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