Your Kid's TKD Class is Not My Karate on 24FightingChickens

I was asked to include more posts for senior students. Here is something from 24FightingChickens for my intermediate and senior students. Your Kid's TKD Class is Not My Karate.

I was having a similar conversation with a parent friend of mine yesterday about motivation. I was talking about how I motivate myself, and how I ... at 40yo, am still punishing myself on a regular basis doing my pushups, training, visualisation, etc. All of it is an objective oriented exercise not for some personal self glory. While maybe it once was, the black belt however is not there to pull chicks.

The video below is of my nephew at a coloured belt grading doing a sparring session. Don't get me wrong, they're doing really well for their age. But by and large, sparring is all like this. This is an example of what I do not do.

I train for an unthinkable situation - home intrusion. There would be multiple opponents, mostly armed, at night, in a high target environment (where my kids are the targets), they're jacked up on whatever they've just dosed themselves up on, and we're facing off in a tight space. I myself would probably be bedraggled, may or may not be armed, and am the last and only line of defense.

I will not fail.

Keep safe, my friends.

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Colin Wee
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Dan Djurdjevic said…
The "good" thing about this sparring is that they aren't in danger of hurting each other... They are getting a bit of exercise too.

But they are grooving enough bad habits to last a lifetime.
Colin Wee said…

I was a 17yo black belt.

And let me tell you, it took me years and years to clarify some grave assumptions I learned very early on.

It's like the elephant that gets chained to a stump when it's just born and had learned to not fight it anymore.

Every time I make a discovery, I feel like someone has lifted chains off my neck. It's so profound. Then I come onto this blog and blog about it in the hopes that my students might read it and figure out that, hey, this things are pretty important! :-)



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