Oral Test for Grading

We're conducting a beginner to intermediate grading session tomorrow.

The oral component of the test for beginners may ask to state your knowledge of something factual about Traditional Taekwondo. For instance, I might ask:
1. What does Taekwondo mean?
2. What is the meaning of Chon-ji, Dan-gun, Do-san (dependant on the requisite form)?
3. What is a down block called in Taekwondo?
4. What was the name of the founder of Taekwondo?

For yellow - orange belts, the oral component may ask more historically challenging questions. It may also start to include some knowledge on critical analysis of the form.
1. Where does Taekwondo originate?
2. What year was Taekwondo officially formed?
3. What was the name of the Grandmaster who brought Taekwondo to the United States in the mid 1950s?
4. What are the differences between Taekwondo and Karate?
5. What are the similarities between Taekwondo and Karate?
6. In the 10th technique of Do-san why do you punch downwards before the upward block?

Green belts and above are required to answer challenges pertaining to their knowledge of techniques:
1. What is the difference between the first and second side kick in Won-hyo?
2. Explain an application for the scoop block in Won-hyo.
3. Why are we performing the side kick at mid-level?
4. HOw do we generate power over the short range used in the knife hand strike?
5. How do we generate power over the short range use in traditional roundhouse kicks.
6. Explain the difference between a short range versus long range roundhouse kick.

More senior belts may be asked questions pertinent to their growing understanding of the strategy we employ in our school:
1. Explain the benefits of learning handlocks in our school in regard to multiple opponent fighting.
2. Explain the opposing philosophy of Yuk-guk and Toi-gye?
3. Self defence articles typically ask the defender to 'run away'. Where would you run away to? Discuss.
4. Of what use is Chon-ji for a beginner that has no experience dealing with attackers?
5. How do you land a punch at long range?

Black Belt Candidates and above may be asked on all the above questions, including knowledge necessary to prepare them to communicate technical knowledge:
1. What are plyometric exercises.
2. Name 5 drills appropriate for a beginner in learning a low block.
3. How do you troubleshoot a side kick?
4. Describe a traditional exercise to increase striking power.
5. Descrive a modern exercise to increase striking power.
6. Discuss the options for an inflexible adult when starting the martial arts.
7. How do you overcome the fight/flight syndrome?

Good luck!


Taekwondo Chon-ji White Belt Grading Oral Test
Colin Wee
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