Joong Do Kwan Cross Trains

Joong Do Kwan Cross Trains
JDK Instructors share the passion with ITF friends here in Perth

19 Mar 2010

My Martial Arts Brothers ... I need your help.

I'm trying to launch a new website for a startup business opportunity. This is entirely separate from my martial arts practice - which has been non-commercial for the last couple of years, and which will remain that way. This new business concept is at the conception stage, and I'm trying to build up some traffic to a blog that will be used as a resource platform for parents and care-givers. I'd really appreciate some link love. So ... if you can, would you put my new blog on your blog roll? It's at I'd really appreciate it. Colin

Colin Wee
Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, Patterns, and Applications at the Traditional Taekwondo Blog. [Subscribe using email or RSS feeds] [Tkd Sitemap]. Colin is a martial art instructor with 25 years of experience across three continents. Colin leads a small Traditional Taekwondo group for adults in Perth, Western Australia.

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