Intermediate Belts

Intermediate belts to Traditional Taekwondo take a significant departure from beginners. Beginners need to learn some very specific ways of generating power, and this is often taught in a very contrived manner .... namely, one punch left dangling out and the other pulled all the way to the hip. This allows you to step forward and practice the same technique again. But is possible the best and worst thing hard style martial art systems did when creating a teaching methodology.

So intermediate belts will learn ways to use both of their hands whilst dealing with strikes from opponents. Expect to hold both hands out, and expect to use both hands to deal with all strikes coming your way. This covers both trapping, coverage, blocking, striking, and some manipulation.

Lots of joint manipulation however, still require the pull back or hikite hand to work. But this pull back hand or hikite doesn't always make it all the way to the hip or ribs ... and is dependant on the technique, body position, and what you want to do with the attacker (use him as shield between you and other opponents, or drop him to the ground or throw him towards his other girlfriends).

The biggest obstacle for many intermediate belts in Traditional Taekwondo is to learn to maintain an 'optimal' relaxedness for the techniques to work. Speed will decrease with tension, so a relaxed body helps increase speed. But become too flaccid and 'couch potato' like, and you lose the tension needed to support the speed, acceleration and striking force. So the intermediate belt needs to learn how to keep some optimal relaxedness that will help with movement and control of his extremities.




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