How to Practise Martial Arts at Home

Prompted by my 5th kyu, I have invited all my students to train at my house tomorrow. In essence, I wanted to discuss how each they should practise with the equipment on hand.

Typically students show up at class, get spoon fed some training, and are left on their own devices at home. Practice is extremely variable - it may either be cardiovascular, or in my case when I was a teenager, just focused on technique and getting hand eye coordination happening.

I want to cover:

The objectives of self practice: how to vary it and mix it up between practising objective oriented tactics to just getting a nice workout.

The parameters described by basic techniques like the front and roundhouse kicks, and how to apply that on a punching bag (either hanging or as in 'Bob' one with a water base)

How to vary individual technique whilst in front of the striking target in order to train gap closing, accuracy, timing, and angle of entry skills.

How you can use the base of the striking target to practice some really valuable self defence skills.

How we generate power with hand techniques and how to hit harder - basically to finish off the fight.

How to integrate a training journal into your training and take control of your progress through the arts: documenting what you are doing, how often, and what you are wanting to focus on next.

And if I install my striking post on the wall ... how to generate a lot of power in a short distance with a reverse snap punch.

Colin Wee
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MMA Zone said…
This is a great idea for a post. Training outside of class is something instructors rarely cover. Thanks for this!
I have some article dealing with martial arts training also so if you have some time please check them out.

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