Effectiveness of Traditional Systems Discussion on Facebook

There's a discussion of the effectiveness of Traditional systems on the Traditional Taekwondo Facebook Group between myself and Forrest Littlejohn. Mr Littlejohn is a long-time Kempo Karate instructor from American Karate and Taekwondo Organization. I've had the pleasure of fighting Mr Littlejohn a couple of times when I trained in the US; he's built strong and tough, but you'd be impressed with his fluidity of movement and control.

And hey ... there's lots of mention of 'maturity' in our discussion ... given it's been some 15 years since we last trained together I wonder whether he's talking about my age???!!!! :-)

It's good talking with honest-to-goodness martial artists whom you've not trained with in some time. Looking back over the years, I've got to say I've enjoyed spending that amount of time with these guys. They're good value.



Colin Wee
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