Dan-gun: Stepping Aside for an Oncoming Attack

Today we practiced Taekwondo Pattern Dan-gun: Shuto Knifehand into a Roundhouse Punch. Essentially it's stepping aside and doing a shuto block to the outside of an oncoming punch. The step is doing with the back leg stepping diagonally back and the front leg dragged into place and facing the opponent.

There was difficulty establishing distancing for the retaliation. There was difficulty getting the jab over the striking arm. What we want to do is to learn stepping aside, but also trying to get it so that the distancing is correct so as to allow the punching hand to land without overly reaching out. Don't sweat it. An oncoming opponent like that is likely to just bowl you over -- step aside, cover with the knife hand, track the opponent and jab loosely.

Stand there and 'take it like a man' and you'll end up on your behind ... with the opponent trampling all over your face. The block has got to allow the opponent to race past you - his power is surging linearly after all. There is a time and a place to deflect the strike minimally so you can use the opponent's force against him. But remember, this is an 8th kyu requirement. So the student needs to be able to deal with big movement, and corresponding defences.

Keep training!


Colin Wee
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