Multiple Opponent Sparring Drill

Once upon a time in a land far far away, when I was a wee purple belt, I was taught fancy jump kicks to attack more than one target at the same time!!! Gone are those days. Multiple opponent training is a tough, gritty, and tiring affair. This video demonstrates a very practical way of introducing multiple opponent sparring training at the beginner level. A lot of the philosophy of my style deals with the use of an attacker as a shield against other attackers. It would be wise to incorporate such training into any martial arts curriculum.

Our multiple person sparring drill has some 'gaming' rules. Lately, we have not been using this as a sparring session due to the number of beginners. The drill has been however incorporated into our warmup sessions - and really maxes everyone out.

The game rules are simple. The person who is 'IT', needs to align the two or three others that are rushing him - 'IT' is allowed to grab. The people doing the rushing are trying to come at him from either side - and are not allowed to grab.

Multiple Person Sparring

Below is an example of a multiple opponent sparring session without tactical movement. Defender stands there and takes it like a man. There is an instance where he shows a surge toward the outside, and he does eventually take down his opponents. But by and large, he's right there in the middle slugging away.

Lastly, check out the excellent page on Facing Multiple Attackers by DefendU.

This post was mentioned on Striking Thoughts' Martial Art News 2.19.10.

For the continuation of this discussion, see Grabbing the Opponent and Using him as a Shield.


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