Joong Do Kwan 2015

Joong Do Kwan 2015
Joong Do Kwan School of the Middle Way

21 Nov 2009

New Archery Website

I'm getting a new website developed for my dad's archery business using WordPress. Check out BWarchery Archery Equipment Supplier in Singapore, if you like. Colin

Colin Wee
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BSM said...

Looks pretty good! I used to self-host a wordpress blog but got tired of the work. For my purposes works just fine. If I had a business self-hosting and wordpress is the way I'd go!

Colin Wee said...

I'm tired of the work too. I've maintained my dad's site for a couple of years. He still thinks little changes are easy to do. My goodness. But yes, it should be easier with WordPress. Just now getting used to it. Colin