Quick Thinking by Our Resident 'Hot Mama' Apprehends Crims

Hikaru Dojo, Perth, congratulates one of our female students 7th kyu who showed some quick thinking today and took the right course of action by calling the cops. Read the following note she sent to the Principal - name and school omitted for privacy. Good on you!

9:40am, Wednesday the 28th of October 2009.

Dear Parents,

Hi, my name is and I am one of the parents here at School. I would like to relate an incident to you that happened to me this morning in the car park directly across from the school.

I was on my way back down to the car with my mother and toddler when a beat up looking vehicle parked 2 spaces down from us. Two men, one young and the other older, got out of the car and walked over to the little hut just across from where they had parked.

They took note of us and made some very unsavoury remarks such as “Hot Mama”, which made my mother and I very uncomfortable. I quickly strapped my baby into the car and urged my mother to get into the car as quickly as possible as they were taking (particularly the older man) more than a casual interest in us. I got into the car and reversed out of the parking lot, before driving off I made note of the drivers licence plate. At this point the older man advanced towards us in a menacing fashion and was obviously very keen to remove us as quickly as possible from the car park. He continued to look at us until we were well and truly away from the car park.

They were clearly dangerous and I was very concerned for the safety of my mother and child.

At this point I decided to report the incident to the Cottesloe Police station. By reporting this incident to the police within minutes of it occurring, the police officers were able to dispatch a squad car immediately and the two men were apprehended and arrested in the act of committing a crime. The police officers were very grateful for the information that led to them being able to make this arrest and would like to urge anyone seeing any suspicious behaviour to report it as quickly as possible. If you are not able to make it to a Police Station please ring 131 444.


Colin Wee
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I am a bit confused...is there something missing from this story, or is calling someone a "hot mama" in itself the crime?
Colin Wee said…
Hahahahhah ...

No, you're right. To be fair I only got this message from an email distributed by the principal. I have yet to ask for the gory details and exatly what kind of crime these guys committed.

For the record, there have been a few cars that have been robbed in that exact spot a couple of months ago - maybe they were trying to make away with some valuables?

I'll ask the Hot Mama tonight!!!

Colin Wee said…
Alright, I've not spoken with my student, but from the goss in school ... police were not disclosing the reasons why the two guys were arrested. Speculation from their wild behaviour was that they were 'using'. Colin
Matt "Ikigai" said…
Congrats to your student for acting quickly and removing herself from a dangerous situation.
Colin Wee said…
The last training session she was still frustrated that she couldn't do anything more 'proactive'. A little scary to think that way. Colin
Anonymous said…
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supergroup7 said…
She did the right thing! She was alert to the potential danger, assessed that it was best to get as far away from it as quickly as possible, and she contacted the proper authorities. Well Done! That is TRUE proactive Martial Arts. She won the fight without fighting, and now that those men are arrested others will not be in danger. Compliments, and praises to your student.

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