Earning a Traditional Taekwondo Black Belt

A new black belt practitioner of traditional taekwondo is a person that ...

... has understood the teaching structure of the traditional taekwondo program - which houses martial art technique and strategy.

... has satisfactorily learned the range of basic technical skills covered by the program.

... has provided peer-level instruction as part of regular training.

... has completed an academic report as part of the black belt training process.

... has invested an amount of time training with another instructor.

... has taken a mental leap - internalising the confidence and mental commitment - which identifies their readiness and maturity for this level.

... has understood the strategic strengths and weaknesses of the teaching methodology, and has the courage to deviate from the curriculum with some wisdom where necessary.

My aims for the new black belt are modest, and a practitioner arriving at black belt should understand the magnitude of the journey still in front of the dan-level practitioner.

Colin Wee
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wmioch said…
Eloquent and to the point. I like!
Colin Wee said…
It's good that you like it.

Reflecting on this list for its applicability for you (or at least when you flew over here the first time a couple of years ago) - you could have failed by it had you not been ready for the promotion.

Of course you'd have to substitute 'Traditional Taekwondo' with the style you practice. But in essence, the belt change is sometimes a formality.

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