Traditional Taekwondo Sparring

Sparring in Taekwondo

Sparring, for the mixed bag of criticism it faces, is just one of the components of training that help a martial art practitioner learn about how to deal with an opponent and the throws that come hard and fast.

In our traditional taekwondo syllabus, sparring training starts at 7th kyu Orange and starts only getting interesting when the student becomes 6th kyu or when they don their green belts.

I was sparring with my green belt today. Essentially I throw all manner of basic kicks and punches. He covers, blocks and can use only one weapon to counter - his lunge punch. This helps him focus on baby steps - dealing with the barage of things flying at him, moving around, and then returning fire. On my part I don't overly try to conceal my stuff nor have I applied any real force. Messing around with his mind will come later, and such pain or the memory of pain shouldn't be all-consuming that it spoils the myriad little 'games' that sparring requires of a student.

Beginning Sparring in Traditional Taekwondo
Beginning Sparring Part One - Problems Encountered
Beginning Sparring Part Two - Sparring Objectives


Colin Wee
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BSM said…
I still say I took much good from my TKD sparring. Some very good lessons. My former school was part traditional and part sport. I remember sparring in full gear, limited pads, and no pads at all. I remember 5 min. endurance sessions in full gear and cycling through three different opponnents!

For all the criticisms it gets I think TKD sparring does help you develope some exceptional evasion, footwork, and timing. The stamina is also most excellent IMO.

There are weaknesses too and perhaps that may be my next post!
Colin Wee said…
I cycled through 3 minute rounds over an hour or so. Stamina, efficiency, and some wisdom would then go a long way in helping me form my own beginning sparring program. Good response. Tell me when you do a follow up post to this one. I'll link you in.


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