Taekwondo Sparring

Taekwondo Sparring

Taekwondo sparring is just one of the exercises to build an all-round martial artist. Sparring allows you to practice breathing, timing, tactics, and strategy against a non-compliant opponent. However, Taekwondo sparring should only be thought of as another exercise in your gym bag. You should feel relatively safe whilst sparring as both opponents learn how to improve on the various skills. Sparring should not be thought of as a real fight where an opponent will rarely if ever attack you with martial-arty combinations or timing. Rather it is more likely you will face a non-choreographed, messy, often blitz-type attack. Your opponent will probably try to grapple with you and fight you in a close range situation. In Taekwondo sparring, work on real skills that will help you in other encounters - 1) good coverage, 2) a willingness to work close range, 3) low kicks and hand combinations, 4) moving to a tactically advantageous position (towards the exit), and 5) good environmental awareness. Enjoy the links we're provided on this topic.

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Colin Wee
Joong Do Kwan Chung Sah Nim
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shaggydoug said…
I'm a beginner TKD student who also blogs. I've been following your blog for a little while now. I like your technical explanations. Keep up the good work.

More to my point though, I'm also a software developer. If you're really interested in great stats for you and also great search results for your readers, check out the search wijit at www.lijit.com. Full disclosure: I do work there.

- shaggy
Colin Wee said…
Thanks, Shaggy. That was the whole idea of the blog - to spend time with the techniques and to share a little of our fun during our practice sessions.

I've gone to check out lijit. Will visit again soon.

Thanks again.


sg said…
Interesting blog you have here... cheers
Colin Wee said…
Thanks for posting, SG.

I started this blog as a way to 'preserve' what I see is my version of traditional taekwondo. But another of my aims is to make this system accessible to everyone. It would be great to see more participation by other taekwondo practitioners.

Thanks for the compliment.


Patricia said…
This is Patricia who posts on the Las Vegas Taekwon-Do Club Blog.
I was just wonder which style or stlyes of Taekwon-Do you do- from your posts it looks like you do a few.
Thank you,
Colin Wee said…
Hi Patricia, I do American Karate/Taekwondo as brought to the US by GM Jhoon Rhee in 1955. I was trained by the American Karate and Taekwondo Organisation (the AKaTO is not affiliated with either ITF or WTF) and it continues to practice the version of Taekwondo that Jhoon Rhee brought over from Korea. THere is a post somewhere on this blog that goes into the history a little more. Colin
Patricia said…
Okay, thank you! I know a little about Jhoon Rhee: he used to do ITF TKD back when it was called Korean Karate, and is known by some as the father of Taekwon-Do in America. I didn't know he created his own organization! Thank you!
Colin Wee said…
Yeah, he used to do Taekwondo before it was ITF Taekwondo; and for him it would have really been Tang Soo Do. It was a group of his first black belts in the Midwest that eventually set up the Southwestern Taekwondo Association, which recently changed its name to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization. For me, this style is like a snapshot of what TKD was like before it started changing from the mid 60s onwards. Cheers, Colin

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