Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk: Grab Strike Control Strike

There are grab-strike combos in Taekwondo Pattern Yul-guk Step 7-10, 15-17 unlike what you see in Chon-ji, which like other basic taekwondo patterns teach you to grab and strike; and perhaps assume that you'll deal with the opponent with the first (or last, or only) strike.

Taekwondo pattern yul-guk seems to want you to grab-strike-control-strike. The forward tension presses (step 15-17) go for a neck or hair grab which and then pushes the opponent around like a rag doll. Then there's the side kick which is followed up by an elbow strike and pull-to-the-hip control (Step 22-24).

Punishing the opponent could be a part of the overall game plan, but I suggest that this is training for a multiple opponent scenario. Strike and control the first opponent, and move him around as your shield while you're looking for a defensible location.

While you are thinking of how to strike, control and strike again, you may benefit from thinking of how to strike with the same grabbing hand or perhaps strike with different parts of the same arm. You can also incorporate 'bumping' into your opponent with forehead, top of head, shoulder, knee, or foot. This approach maximises the applicability of techniques through any basic hard style pattern. Not to include this is to reduce the practicality of your combat applications.

Keep it safe! Can't practice on your opponents if you hurt them too much.

Colin Wee
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